Providing cost effective, innovative waterproofing and pond liner solutions since 50 years

Welcome to Polygomma Industries

PGIPL is the group’s new manufacturing facility, which is fully dedicated to manufacture world class EPDM membranes, pond liners, geo membranes etc. Apart from EPDM,…

EPDM Pond Liner

Reliable and durable solution for almost any project, be it decorative ponds, golf courses, landfills, agriculture ponds, aquaculture, etc.

EPDM Roofing Membrane

Single-Ply EPDM membranes used for waterproofing and roofing on building tops, across geographies and climates.

EPDM Strips

Pre-cut EPDM strips for making facades waterproof and airtight

EPDM Tanking Membrane

Dependable and proven system for waterproofing of basements and foundations


Accessories such as seam tape and bonding adhesive used during application of our products

About Us

Polygomma Industries Pvt Ltd was established in 2012, to cater to the global demand of EPDM roofing membranes and pond liners. Thanks to the decades of experience of the founders in the rubber industry, rubber technology is in the DNA of Polygomma.

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