Polygomma Bonding Adhesive

The Polygomma Bonding Adhesive (BA) is a specially formulated solvent based adhesive , designed especially to bonding the Polygomma EPDM membrane to various substrate and also be make the on-filed overlaps of the Polygomma EPDM membrane and pond liner.


Polygomma Bonding Adhesive Data Sheet (TDS) Polygomma-EPDM-Pond-Liner-Brochure

Polygomma Primer

Polygomma Primer is a polymer mix based primer and is used to prime EPDM membrane/liner to provide improved adhesion to Polygomma Seam Tapes.


Polygomma Primer Data Sheet (TDS) Polygomma-EPDM-Pond-Liner-Brochure

Polygomma Seam Tape

The Polygomma Seam Tape is a self-adhesive tape manufactured from a high-quality rubber compound and is a self-protected by a double-sided release paper. The Polygomma Seam Tape is used to overlap the field joints of the Polygomma EPDM membrane/pond liner and for other suitable applications.


Polygomma Seam Tape Data Sheet (TDS) Polygomma-EPDM-Pond-Liner-Brochure