EPDM Pond Liner

Polygomma EPDM Pond Liners and Geomembranes

Polygomma EPDM pond liner and geomembranes are a premium quality EPDM synthetic rubber membrane. Since they are manufactured from synthetic saturated polymers, they have better weathering and elastic properties compared to plastic based liners.

The Polygomma EPDM pond liners and geomembranes are manufactured using the best quality raw materials and also meet the globally accepted ASTM and EN product standards. Our heavy duty pond liner and geomembranes are durable and dependable for almost all applications, including commercial water features, or application such as water storage pits, golf courses, etc. The Polygomma pond liners and geomembranes are the perfect choice of liner to create water bodies or storage pits that are built to last.

Our EPDM pond liners and geomembranes bear the CE mark and conform to EN 13361 and ASTM D-7465.

  • Manufactured using synthetic EPDM polymer.
  • Excellent UV, ozone and temperature resistance. Works exceptionally well in temperature ranges from -40°C to +160°C.
  • Elongation of more than 300% helps to take care of movements of the earth. This also helps to create pond of any shape making it aesthetically more appealing.
  • Easy and quick to install. No need of heat guns or any other machines.
  • Not harmful to aquatic life. However it is recommended to have a prior check test as per local rules and customer requirements & it's end use.
  • Our EPDM pond liner can be used in pond with food containing aqueous/ ponds to store, when tested as per United States FDA regulation 21-CFR- 177-2600. It is recommended to test as per rules set forth by local governing bodies and to meet user requirements.
  • Safe to use for fresh water fish, carassius auratus (Gold Fish), when tested as per ASTM E729-2002