EPDM Roofing Membrane

Polygomma EPDM Roofing Membrane

Polygomma EPDM Waterproofing membrane is the most reliable and durable choice if you are looking for a single-ply roofing or waterproofing solution.

During its lifetime a roof is subjected to structural movements and also environmental factors such as heat, humidity, water, and all this at varying temperatures throughout the year. This calls for roofing and waterproofing membrane which has a long service life and is able to withstand these factors. Our single-ply membrane offers the correct protection required for your roof.

Our EPDM rubber roofing membranes bear the CE mark. They are manufactured to meet the requirements of EN 13956 and ASTM D-6134.

  • Resistant to UV, Ozone, and air pollutants.
  • Wide range of temperature resistance form -40°C to +160°C.
  • Nearly millions of square meters of EPDM membrane have been installed on rooftops globally and they are known to have a service life of beyond 30 years.
  • No torches or gas required during installation.
  • Flame free and heat free installations.
  • It is an environmentally and recyclable system.
  • Lightweight: around 1.25Kgs/SQM.
  • Acts as an anti-root barrier. So they are idea for green roofs and landscape projects.
  • Special grade of EPDM membrane are fire resistant.