Butyl Membranes & Pond Liners



The Polygomma Butyl membranes and pond liners are manufactured using synthetic butyl rubber. It has excellent resistance against UV, ozone and climatic variations. It remains flexible even in low temperatures, and across climatic zones. They have an excellent impermeability against gases.

The Butyl membranes can be used for waterproofing various areas of a building, including, but not limited to basements (tanking), roofs, terrace gardens/landscape areas, etc.

The Butyl pond liners can be used in almost all types of ponds, reservoirs, landfills, etc. The gas impermeability and chemical resistance of Butyl liners are very crucial when used in landfills, and other similar applications.

Our Butyl membrane and pond liners conform to ASTM D-6134

  • Single ply
  • UV & ozone resistance
  • Excellent impermeability to gases
  • Light weight, and easy to install
  • Works in wide range of climatic & temperature zones
  • Manufactured in accordance to ASTM D-6134