Enhanced Applicability of EPDM Membrane in Roofing

Jun - 28

Enhanced Applicability of EPDM Membrane in Roofing

Nobody can deny the fact that roofs are that part of buildings which are most susceptible to damage. Evidently, this susceptibility is because of their high exposure to the environment, alterations in the climate and various other factors. Whether it is the scorching heat or freezing climate, a roof faces everything. However, in the process, it suffers because of structural movements and becomes vulnerable to damage. That underlines the need for a solution which can not only serve the purpose waterproofing but is also lasting.

EPDM membrane manufactured by Polygomma is a highly preferred name in this regard.

Specialized answer to the roofing challenges

Polycom’s EPDM roofing membranes are one of the most favorite choices when it is about safeguarding the terrace. Each of the membranes manufactured here is large enough to cover a roof area of up to 20 feet. The thickness of these membranes is another noteworthy attribute as it ensures that the roof gets sturdy and durable protection though they are in single ply.

Precisely speaking, the EPDM Membrane from Polygomma is an apt answer to the challenges in roofing.

Wide-ranging advantages to fit various needs

A long list of advantages is available at hand when this incredible Polygomma product is chosen. These are attributes which suitably fit the varying needs of the building owners or customers.

  • Polygomma manufactured membranes are lightweight. That is a big plus as they do not put any extra weight on the terrace.
  • Installing the EPDM membranes is easy and they can be installed without any heating.
  • The EPDM membrane in itself is fireproof and so it provides roofs recurrent protection from heat.
  • Building temperatures remain moderate as the membrane is UV resistant.
  • EPDM membrane’s large adaptability is another highlight. It produces identical results under varying degrees of temperatures – from -40 degrees to 160 degrees.

Produced from world-class EPDM rubber, this Polygomma product is best suited for basements as well. It goes well in all the wet areas like toilet blocks, where waterproofing becomes essential.

In addition to this, Polygomma also manufactures EPDM strips, EPDM bands, EPDM geomembranes, and EPDM pond liners. These products suffice the prerequisites at various locations as industrial waste pits. The EPDM bands made by Polygomma can be appropriately used for the building facades. In a technology driven but environmentally challenged world, EPDM membrane has proved to be the best solution which buildings can safely rely upon.